Dr. Aysun Tezel Özturan

(Assist. Prof. of Applied Mathematics)

Phone: +90 0 312 2977850 / 144, Office: 219

E-Mail: aozturan@hacettepe.edu.tr

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests:
Continuous Optimization, Semi-infinite Optimization.

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Research Visiting
October 2006 - October 2007:
Working with Prof. Dr. Oliver Stein
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany.

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Research Papers

  1. Tezel Ozturan, A., Numerical Methods for solving Semi-infinite Optimization Problems, 152 pages, in press, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, 2016, (ISBN 978-3-659-94206-8), İngilizce (Uluslararası Bilimsel Kitap).

  2. Tezel Ozturan, A., Optimizasyona Giriş, Book, in preparation.

  3. Tezel Ozturan, A., Results from lapidary cutting problems with a preconditioned conjugate gradient method, in preparation.

  4. Tezel Ozturan, A., The Karush-Kuhn-Tucker approach for genetic networks, submitted.

  5. Tezel Ozturan, A., On an application of generalized semi-infinite optimization, accepted, Acta Physica Pol. A, 2016. (SCI-expanded)

  6. Tezel Ozturan, A., Solving generalized semi-infinite optimization problems with a trust region method, Acta Physica Pol. A, Vol. 28, p.93-97, 2015. (SCI- expanded)

  7. Weber, G.-W., Kropat, E., Tezel, A., Belen, S., Optimization applied on regulatory and eco-finance networks - survey and new developments, Pacific Journal of Optimization 6, 2 (2010) 319-340, special issue in memory of Professor Alexander Rubinov (guest eds.: M. Fukushima, C.T. Kelley, L. Qi, J. Sun and Y. Ye). (SCI-expanded)

  8. Stein, O., Tezel, A., The semismooth approach for semi-infinite programming without strict complementarity, SIAM Journal of Optimization, Vol:20, issue: 2, pp.1052-1072, 2009. (SCI)

  9. Weber, G.-W., Uğur, Ö., Taylan, P., Tezel, A., On optimization, dynamics and uncertainty: a tutorial for gene-environment networks, Special issue Networks in Computational Biology of Discrete Applied Mathematics, Vol:157, issue:10, pp.2494-2513, May 2009. (SCI-expanded)

  10. Stein, O., Tezel, A., The semismooth approach for semi-infinite programming under the Reduction Ansatz, Journal of Global Optimization, Vol:41, issue:2, pp.245-266, 2008. (SCI)

  11. Weber, G.-W., Tezel, A., Taylan, P., Söyler, A., Çetin, M., Mathematical contributions to dynamics and optimization of gene-environment networks, Optimization,Vol:57, issue:2, pp.353-377, April 2008. (SCI)

  12. Weber, G.-W., Tezel, A., On generalized semi-infinite optimization of genetic networks, TOP, the Operational Research journal of SEIO (Spanish Statistics and Operations Research Society), Vol:15, issue:1, pp..65-77, 2007. (SCI-expanded)

  13. Weber, G.-W., Tezel, A., New views: Generalized semi-infinite optimization of genetic networks, TOP, Vol:14, issue:1, pp.48-55, June 2006. (SCI-expanded)

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Conferences and Meetings
  • International conference on computational and experimental Science and Engineering (ICCESEN 2015), Antalya, October 14-19, 2015.

  • International conference on computational and experimental Science and Engineering (ICCESEN 2104), Antalya, October 25-29, 2014.

  • 6th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, ICIAM 07, Zurich, Switzerland, July 16-20, 2007.

  • EURO XXII, 22nd European Conference on Operational Research, Prague, Czech Republic, July 8-11, 2007.

  • EUROPT-OMS 2007, Prague, Czech Republic, July 4-7, 2007.

  • EUROXXI, 21st European Conference on Operational Research, Reykjavik, Iceland, July 2-5, 2006.

  • Workshop on Advances in Continuous Optimization,Reykjavik, Iceland, June 30-July 1, 2006.

  • Workshop on Networks in Computational Biology, METU, Ankara, September 10-12, 2006.

  • 8th SIAM Conference in Optimization, Stockholm, Sweden , May 15-19, 2005.

  • EURO Summer Institute: Optimization and Data Mining, METU, Ankara, July 9-25, 2004.

  • Workshop on Advances in Continuous Optimization, Istanbul, July 4-5, 2003.

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Courses Given

Undergraduate Courses

  • MAT 115-Temel Matematik

  • MAT 123-Mathematics I

  • MAT 107-Matematik I

  • MAT 108-Matematik II

  • MAT 124-Mathematics II

  • MTK 308-Optimizasyona Giriş

  • MTK 331-Nümerik Analiz I

  • MTK 332-Nümerik Analiz II

  • MAT 307-Nümerik Analiz (Hidreojeoloji Müh.)

  • MAT 238-Mühendislik Matematiği

  • SAİ 130-İşletme Matematiği

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Hacettepe University Department of Mathematics
06800 Beytepe Ankara TURKEY